Private Jet Prices: You Don’t Have to be a Millionaire to Fly

The price of private jets varies according to the size and features of the jet. Depending on what you are looking for you can expect to spend a mere $6 million on up to purchase your own executive jet. If money is no option, the sky is the limit.
Private jets are priced according to jet size starting with a light jet, price ranges start at a mere $3 million. The next size is the midsize jet starting at and around $9 million. The larger jets are priced at $17 million on up.
The use of a charter private jet, fractional jet, and jet club credit card offers a wide variety of pricing options. Prices for the charter jets are based according to the type of jet and jet size you chose, the amenities that you require, (food, drinks, liquor), and the destination of your flight. You can pre-book your flight, paying by the person or as a packaged deal. You will find better rates available to you when booking a private charter jet as a packaged deal.
Prices for fractional jet ownership can involve forking out money up front. You can expect your share of the purchase price to start out at around $400,000 or more depending on what your share of the interest in ownership is. It’s like buying a time share. You split all the costs for maintenance and upkeep and the jet is available to you at certain times of the year. Your cost for the jet depends on what type of aircraft you are purchasing and how many people are splitting the purchase price with you.
The other option is a jet club credit card, or more likely a secured credit card. Charter services require anywhere from $100,000 deposit on up, depending on which private jet service you use cost will vary. This credit card is then redeemable for flight time.
Price wise using a private jet broker will give you the most for your money. It is their job to find you the best prices, with the most options available to you. Using a broker not only saves you money it also saves you time. You let them do the leg work and you get the trip of your dreams.
Thanks to competition, private jet companies have made flying on a private jet doable, creating competitive prices that are affordable, even if you aren’t a millionaire.
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