Private Jets are NOT Just for the Rich and Famous

Have you grown tired of the rat race? Are you now ready to travel in style? Sick of standing in line? Do you find yourself wistfully dreaming of excellent service, large seating areas, freedom to move around, or the ability to actually work on the plane? Well, the good news is that your dreams might just come true. Private jets were once only the province of the mega-rich, but they are becoming more main stream. If you are concerned about the expense of a private jet, you should remember that plane fares are tax deductible. Besides, you definitely deserve it because you work hard and have the right to travel like a billionaire.
The use of private jets was strictly limited to the Rich and Famous for many years. From Royalty to Famous Celebrities, this way of traveling provided not only the advantages of privacy but also the added touch of personal service. However, this is definitely not so true anymore in today’s world.
Many CEO’s of companies are required to travel world wide. Thus it is not unusual at all for a corporation or business to own a private jet. And there are enormous amenities that come with owning a jet. Not only do you have a complete crew, pilot and stewardess at your disposal, they are available to you 24/7. With a private jet you suffer no waiting in long lines at airports, no baggage check, no security check, no taking off your shoes, and no delayed planes. All it takes is One quick phone call and the plane is fueled and ready for takeoff.
Flying in a private jet is a lot like sleeping in a hotel's Presidential Suite. The seats of a private jet are luxurious and comfortable, and they have plenty of leg room. Some even look a lot like living rooms. In terms of amenities, many jets come with TV’s, fully stocked bars, computers, or just about anything else your heart desires. If you plan on buying a private jet yourself, you can have it custom built to suit whatever your needs are.
If it turns out that you don’t currently own a private jet but you need one, you still have the option of renting or leasing a jet. Some companies even offer the option of private jet time share. There are a lot of jet charter services that you can choose from. Whether you need a jet for business purposes or for pleasure, private jet companies give you a choice of jets and jet sizes, along with the option of pre-ordering your favorite drinks and meals. Any extra amenities that you desire can also provided, and the sky is the limit.
Please note that When using a private jet company, many companies do require a deposit, which ranges anywhere from $50,000 on up. Another option to consider is that you may also want to use the services of a charter jet club credit card, which will allow you extra services for its use. If your corporation is using the services of a private jet, it’s always nice to know that you will be able to impress your CEO’s with the very best that money can buy.
Regardless of Whether you own your own private jet or you use a private jet charter service, there’s nothing that can compare to this ultimate way of travel. And if it turns out that money is no object for you, then you definitely owe it to yourself to be lavished with luxury while riding on the wings of a private jet.

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