Private Jets, the New Business Transportation

Many businesses today require their employees to travel not only in the United States, but abroad as well. The use of a business jet aircraft has made traveling for executives a walk in the park.
There are many rewards to this type of travel, not to mention avoiding long tiresome drives, or beating endless lines of security at the airport. Having the use of a business jet saves time, can save money, and a lot of hassle.
Businesses over the past decade have realized that a huge amount of their expenses revolved around travel and entertainment. Over the years companies have downsized and made budget cuts and revisions in order to have a thriving company. The large amount of money spent on airline tickets, hotels, meals, and entertaining called for a re-evaluation and organization of funds. Many businesses realized that the use of private business jet was a way to eliminate some of these additional expenses.
Not only did using a private jet help to cut travel expenses, it also created a new position in the business world, that of Corporate Travel Manager. The person responsible for making all company travel arrangements.
Time for many businesses is a precious resource. The use of a business private jet alleviates this problem of wasting time, where time is money. If size is of concern, the use of larger jets converted for companies allows business executive to hold board meetings, make presentations, and entertain clients all while in mid-air. Many of these larger business jets also come equipped with living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and showers. Overall, you could call it a “Hotel in the Sky” for the CEO’s of the corporate world.
Today many companies use a jet card for their executives. This is like a credit card that allows business the use of a fractional jet, a jet owned by several persons or businesses, or the use of a chosen charter fleet aircraft. One such card called the Skyjet Card, obtainable through a membership program, guarantees users availability and an hourly rate use to fly. This program over the years has become more and more popular with Corporations all over the world, not to mention some of its members belong to Fortune 500.
In the busy world today the use of a business jet provides a way to conduct business in a safe and timely fashion, allowing the opportunity for time with family and friends.

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