Private Jet Sales on the Rise

It is predicted that the rise in jet business sales will reach all time new levels in the next 10 years. While once considered a luxury for only those of money, has now become an acquirable asset both for business and private parties alike.
In today’s world, buying a jet is much like buying a car. There are many private jet sales companies that specialize in the buying and selling of new and used jets. These companies offer you ways to purchase, lease, or sell your jet. Creative financing has made owning your own jet possible. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, there are jet brokers who can find exactly what you need. And if that option doesn’t work for you, custom ordering is available.
Private Jet Sales competition is fierce as there are only five major companies that deal in the sales of private jets, Cessna (Textron), Bombardier, Gulfstream (GD), Dassault, and Raytheon, have 100% of aircraft deliveries. There are two other companies; Sino-Swearingen makers (and possibly VLJ) trying to get a tiny percentage (1.1%) of the aircraft sales market in the near future.
A company named Embraer is the only company since 1960, who has come through delivering more than one jet plane per month on a continuous basis. They’re the only potentially new private aircraft sales participant that is not a start-up company. Being a leading plane builder, they’ve already sold quite a few Legacy business versions of their ERJ group. They have just proclaimed plans for the evolution of a VLJ and Light Jet to add to their product line.
Not only are these companies trying to keep up with the latest in technological and comfort features for aircrafts, they are also competing with larger airlines. But luckily for them, their demand has increased due to the fact that many of the large commercial airline companies have closed, consolidated with other smaller companies, gone bankrupt, or decreased their fleet and personnel size. Because of the high prices of fuel and 911 incident, commercial flights availability has diminished quite a bit. Quick, convenient, and safe travel is in high demand, which can all be found in a private jet.
At this time it is truly a buyers market for private jet purchases. Most private jet sales can be done online through their website. Simply enter in the type of jet, features, and accommodations you would like and the race to win your business begins.
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