Selling Your Jet? Make-Sense Makeovers

"Owners of business jets for sale may consider investing in improvements in the hope of getting a better price, notes Dave Higdon. Although the reality will usually disappoint in today’s market, there are nevertheless items sellers can undertake to refurbish their jets and position them well to sell…"

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Bombardier Global Jet

Gulfstream G280 vs Bombardier Challenger 350

"How do the Gulfstream G280 and Bombardier Challenger 350 compare in the market today?"

Gulfstream G280

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Private jet makers target North America as Europe flags

Private jet makers target North America as Europe flags. However, the long-term outlook remains good for private jet manufacturers, if not for the environment ... while firms have developed Uber-style apps to make private jets available for more widespread booking, making jets …  [Read more...]


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